“We’ve Got Their Six”

Supporting Our Police Officers and Their Families

Beyond The Badge is a 501(c) (3) organization that provides support, encouragement, and resources to spouses, significant others, and loved ones. We understand the unique stressors that come with being a loved one of a police officer, and we are in this together.

The Impact on Officers' Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Many of our officers are stumbling beneath the weight of all this job gives them. The typical American will experience three overwhelming incidents in their lifetime. The average officer will experience 200 of these types of incidents in their career. The result has an impact on the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our officers.

Are you a loved one of a first responder and need to talk with someone who understands the stressors that comes with that? Contact us to get more information or to join.

Equipping Families Through Crisis and the Day-to-Day

Our officers face opposition in so many ways, and the impact is evident on them individually, but also on their supporters. This is why Beyond The Badge has created resources and events that educate, encourage, and equip law enforcement families to help them love and support their officers. This support creates positivity in the life of officers and their families, this helps set the tone by laying a healthy foundation that will help them thrive on and off duty. We believe the family is the critical piece of keeping our officers healthy.

What is the Beyond The Badge Family Support Group?

We move and get involved as our officers and their families need. There are many ways we can make an impact; here is a general list of how the Beyond the Badge members may engage.

Provide support/resources to new first responder families.

Co-sponsor the Shield of Armor Wellness Conference.

Host fundraisers and fun social events.

Volunteer for community events.

Offer peer support.

Consider getting involved. Share this information with others!

We hope you will strongly consider getting involved with this organization. We won’t overwhelm you with meetings and events – but we do promise to be a resource of hope, understanding, encouragement, and education.

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How to Get Involved:

We welcome new members to the group and invite you to join us in whatever capacity you can. Get to know us. Learn more. Consider getting active for yourself and in support of others. We look forward to connecting with you.

Here are a few convenient ways you can start the connection with the Beyond The Badge family.